Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sushi Soaps

They're finally done!  Except for the container and the plastic grass divider, everything else is soap - the sushi, the wasabi, and the pickled ginger slices.  All the soaps have a tantalizing and refreshing Wasabi fragrance.

As seen from above, Sushi Soaps

Showing the size of the soap.

Each Sushi Soap is about the size of a Futomaki roll, approximately 2 ounces.

Made enough for 3 boxes of sushi.

I ended up making 3 sets of soaps, one of which has been given as a gift.

All ready to ship!

This is how I packaged it up to ship, with a piece of tissue paper inside so the wasabi and ginger won't fly around.


Sushi Soaps « The Two Tadpoles said...

[...] They’re finally done!  Since I made these without the boys’ help, I posted the whole story, along with more photos, at my site: [...]

Marr Williams said...

Your sushi soap is fantastic and the packaging is perfect. Way to go!