Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nifty Notecards

Notecards are wonderful - they let you keep in touch the old-fashion way, but are small enough that they don't feel daunting like writing a whole page letter would.

These are  photo notecards featuring my photography of various nature, animal, and still-life scenes:

Photography Notecards

I also make notecards made with handmade paper, which in turn are made from junk-mail, and featuring my or my son's photography (many from around the homestead).  The handmade paper can be unscented or lightly scented, and sometimes we embed dried plants or wildflower seeds.

Below features the following papers: Chamomile Blues which is a blue-tinted paper, scented with Chamomile fragrance oil, and is flecked with bits chamomile which we grew and dried; "Romancing the Red" is red-tinted, scented with Romance fragrance oil, and has wildflower seeds embedded; and "There's a Tomato Leaf in My Garden" is tinted green and scented with Tomato Leaf and Green Garden fragrances.  As well, it has petals from a wildflower from our yard.   Also available, but not pictured are the "Sun and Sand" series, which is a yellow-tinted paper lightly scented with a delightful Seashore fragrance.

Handmade paper notecards

Similar to the above cards, but on a smaller scale are the mini-notecards below.  They can also be used as attractive gift tags.

Handmade paper mini-notecards