Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leaf plates

The boys and I made eramic leaf plates and platters which look lovely year-round, and not just for the fall. Our decorating style tends to be light and airy and has nature's colors, so we know first hand that these plates really complement a natural, rustic, or woodsy home. And they are just funky enough that they will do well in pretty much any other more "fun" decor too!

Poke Leaf Platter by my older son last year:
Poke Leaf Platter by Tadpole #1

This year, we made a red-bud leaf plate, a sycamore leaf plate, hickory 3-leaf platter, and a poke leaf plate. I think I posted pictures of some of those on my regular blog.


Anne-Marie said...

This looks beautiful - very rustic and appealing.

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness! I was going to ask if you did leaves!! Not only do I have a thing for ceramics, I also have a thing for leaves and green. I'd love some leaf sized ceramic leaves to hang on a wall. How cool would that be?!

Maybe I should take up if I need ANOTHER hobby ;0)