Sunday, May 29, 2011

Varied interests - too many

I love that in an email from Amazon, the books that were recommended to me ranged from Principles of Electrodynamics to The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet to Soldering Made Simple.  But, sometimes, more and more often as I age, I feel like that little Neanderthal kid in a Far Side cartoon who raised his hand in the classroom of modern humans and asked to be excused because his brain was full.  Ouch.

Speaking of too many things, I've simplified my life somewhat, giving up all my soaping paraphernalia to my sister (as I mentioned in my other blog).  My sis is very happy to try her hand at a new biz.  Her husband is happy that she's doing something she's enthused about and isn't stuck in her old miserable job anymore.  My husband is happy that I've gotten rid of one hobby and all the equipment that went with it.  And I'm happy that I now only have 14 instead of 15 things I split my time doing.

Really, I just want to focus on my writing right now.  With two terrific critique groups to guide me and cheer me on, I would be remiss if I didn't re-start my writing career.  I hope to be as prolific as our asparagus plants!
 Still, I can't focus on just one thing (because I'm ADD, I swear), so I hope to continue sketching, and I need to get a thumbnail sketch to my dear friend Michelle for a piece of art I promised to do for her! 

In case anyone else wants to do art too, here's a fun project: Drawing Day!

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