Sunday, June 19, 2011

I want to be funny!

Funny funny, not strange funny...although that's not such a bad thing either. I want to write humor like this:
Could go well with my speculative fiction bent, don't you think?  Maybe I want to be the next Terry Pratchett when I grow up.  It's too late to become the next hot supermodel (hot supermodels don't usually carry AARP memberships) so I'll have to rely on my wits instead.

Oh, I am so doomed.

But, hey, I finally submitted a story! I've only submitted one other story in the past 7 years - and that got a lovely rejection letter.  And I have another story almost ready to submit.  Yay me! Maybe I can finally erase the big S (for Slacker) off my forehead. 

Totally unrelated, because that's just the kind of ADD person I am, sometimes, I have a hankering for Roxy Music, and then I crave me some More Than This.  That song brings me back and always has such a lovely, magical feel. 


Stace said...

LOL I love the demon goat!!!
Big congrats on getting a story submitted...that's HUGE! Keeping my fingers crossed it gets accepted and I get to read it someday :)

TeresaR said...

Isn't it great? Now whenever you see that goat again, this will pop into your head!

I got a rejection for that second story too. Man, it's so much harder this time around than 20 years ago...just like everything else in my life. ;)