Thursday, September 1, 2011

How the heck did I get so busy?

It's a good busy though, mostly: I'm doing a lot of writing and editing/critiquing! I'll be going to the IN-SCBWI's November retreat, and need to get a synopsis done and some pages written (and written reasonably well). This, of course, on top of the regular stuff for my two critique groups.

While we homeschool year-round, we do start up certain things come September. I'm freaking out a little at the thought of running high school chemistry labs with my older son. Plus, nobody told me I had to play counselor in addition to facilitator. Ack!

If you're looking for something a bit more interesting to read than my panicked paragraphs above, you can head over to my regular blog (I say that as though this blog doesn't get enough fiber, or fibre as the Canadian part of me want to write) and read about pasta-making!

Oh, who am I kidding? The three two people who read this blog already read my other never mind. Carry on until I can finally get to some decent content, like blog-reviews. :)

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." – Alexander Woolcott


Michelle said...

I bet it feels good to be writing. You will have to tell me all about the retreat when it is over, that would be a fun, educational experience. You are brave to teach high school anything. My limit would be third grade. Lol!

TeresaR said...

M, it does feel good...when I'm not sweating blood (per the quote about writing's easy; you just stare at a piece of paper until drops of blood appear on your forehead...which has been attributed to many different people, including Gene Fowler and Douglas Adams). ;) Will definitely tell you more about the retreat! I hope it'll give me time to write (hopefully there will be no internet connection so I won't get distracted!).

Many parents farm out subjects they can't teach; there are lots of excellent resources for homeschoolers out there...just wanted to let you know it is an option still for your little one. =)

Epicure68 said...

Firstly, I love your background, that is so beautiful! You're playing counsellor, should we start calling you Deanna? Not enough fibre, hahaha!!! That's cuz you used it all in your pasta making right? You'll be fine, just carry around your towel and don't panic.

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Good for you, Teresa. I need to get as busy as you are with my writing again as well. I've completely slacked off this summer and with our school year starting up, I'm gearing up to kick myself back into high gear.

BTW, I loved your pasta post! You described it so well, I'm inspired to try it. ;o)

TeresaR said...

Epi, someone at a friend's FB page said "Counselor Troi is easy--all you have to do is assume an agonized expression, lean against a wall, slightly hunched, with your fingers on your temples, and say haltingly and in a vague accent, "!" Now THAT was funny! Did I tell you're watching the BBC version of Hitchhiker's Guide right now?

Holly, thanks! I hope you will try it and I also hope you'll get lots of writing done this fall!

Epicure68 said...

Don't forget the low cut non-conforming uniform to go with the pained expression. Oh sorry, that pained expression was on everyone else's face.

So how're you liking the BBC HHG?

TeresaR said...

The low-cut uniform I can do; my boobs are still mostly defying gravity. ;D We just finished BBC HHG - it was good in that it was more true to the book than that movie that came out not too long ago. But, aside from the fellow who plays Arthur, most of the other characters were rather annoying...esp Trillian (who is not a blonde in the book) and Zaphod.

Michelle said...

Thanks T! Still wanting to homeschool our youngest. I hope I have the patience. I can relate to those droplets of blood when I write, actually I think my eyes bleed too. Lol!