Monday, January 23, 2012

DailySF - How do I rate thy stories? Let me count the ways

Coming off a week of particularly excellent tales from Daily Science Fiction (the week of January 9-13, 2012, but I write my posts in advance now and set them for future publication), I got to thinking about the ratings for stories from DailySF.

I've been subscribing to DailySF since last summer, I believe. It's enriched my life in many ways.

So, some time ago - unfortunately, my faulty memory prevents me from remembering dates - DailySF started a rating system: you can give a story from 1 to 7 rockets. Cute, no?

Anyway, I have never rated a story lower than 4 stars (which is still a passing grade). My reasoning is that if the story passed muster with the good folks at DailySF, editors Michele and Jonathan, and any editorial assistants they might have, then the story has to be half-way decent.

My criteria or system for docking rockets is:
1) if I finished reading the story and my first reaction is "huh?"
2) if I find any glaring technical - grammar or science, etc. - faults
3) if I have other instances in the story where I also go "huh?", or if it just didn't sit right with me for reasons I can't articulate

You can see that by my system, I can't give a story anything lower than four stars. I've seen people give some of the stories fewer than 4 stars on DailySF's Facebook page, and I'm not sure how they justify that. Being an introvert and one who doesn't like to engage in confrontations, even of the friendly sort, I, of course, never ask them.

If you are a fan of speculative fiction, do yourself a huge favor and subscribe to Daily Science Fiction. The subscription is FREE for goodness sake! How many things in life  are that good and also free, besides air and water (which is not free, but is practically free given its value versus what we pay the water company for it)?

Well, so much for keeping my posts short.

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." – Alexander Woolcott

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SoapSudsations said...

You as a writer know how difficult it is to come up with a good story, so you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. 'Sides, this sort of thing there is no right or wrong, it's just a matter of what each person feels about the story, so you'd probably make most writers happy with your rating.