Monday, May 28, 2012

Why baking beats writing

I have a 90% success rate with baking, and only a 40% (and reducing) success rate in selling my writing.

People rave about my baked goods; one friend even suggested that I open a seasonal bakery. Nobody's raved about my writing. Editors who've bought my writing and those who've rejected my writing have said that my writing is "good," but they've never raved about it (that I can remember...but I never make bets on my memory).

When people say my baking is good, I can tell from the look on their faces that they really mean "gooooood". When people tell me my writing is good, I think they're just being polite or kind or are outright lying.

There are concrete and tasty results from my hard work in the kitchen. My sweating blood at the keyboard yield only words, which are neither concrete nor tasty.

I can pull off delectable feats with minimal effort when I bake. I mostly just get a bitter taste in my mouth from showing my writing to others.

And that is why I will always put off writing in favor of baking. The pleasure center in my brain lights up a lot more when I bake.

What would you rather do than write?

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." – Alexander Woolcott

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