Fine Art

This is a sampling of my art. I work with charcoal, sanguine, chalk pastels, watercolors, and acrylics. My favorite genre is portraiture, but I also enjoy rendering wildlife. I do a little bit of still life and landscape.

Anole, in charcoal:
Anole in charcoal

A quick sketch, in charcoal: This is one of my favorites, even though it was just a warm-up exercise.
quick sketch in charcoal

A la Hopper, in chalk pastel: An example of my landscapes.
a la Hopper, in chalk pastel

Plastic skull trick-or-treating bucket with twine, in chalk pastel: An unusual still life with a Halloween theme.
plastic skull trick-or-treating bucket with twine in chalk pastel

Sarah & Cassy, in watercolor: a portrait of a good friend's daughters.

Lone Bunny, pen & ink:

To contact me, please post a comment or email me at teresarobeson (at) gmail (dot) com.


Name: Holly Bowne said...

Wow. these are great, Teresa! I love working with charcoal as well, but to be honest, I haven't picked up a pencil (for sketching, that is!) in years! My son who is 17 has suddenly begun drawing and I'm feeling the itch to start again. Now, if I could only find the time...

Teresa Robeson said...

Thanks, Holly! You might want to try and spend just 5 minutes a day doing a quick sketch? Easier said than done, I know. :}

Maria Cisneros Toth Blog said...

Teresa.... you totally AMAZE me!!!! I have tears in my eyes just going through your blog and seeing all of your wonderful talents!

LynNerdKelley said...

Oh my, Teresa, your fine art is gorgeous! I'm blown away, just like Maria is. I'm so glad you added your blog links to the discussion thread. I need to follow your blog, talented peep!