I have had works published in the following magazines:

*Outdoor Indiana - May/June 1995 issue: "Looks like a Pileated, Dear"
*Ladybug - June 1995 issue: "Today, My Big Day"
*Babybug - Vol. 4, #1: "Toy Shapes"
*Babybug - Vol. 4, #3: "My First Haircut"
*Babybug - Vol. 4, #5: "Tumbling"
*Ladybug - August 1999 issue: "Eyes Game"
*Babybug - January 2000 issue: "Zooming Truck"
*Ladybug - April 2002 issue: "Spring Awakening"
*Ladybug - April 2004 issue: "Hide and Sprout"
*Babybug - December 2005 issue: reprint of "Toy Shapes"
*Babybug - July/August 2006 issue: reprint of "Tumbling"
*Babybug - January, 2008 issue: reprint of "Zooming Truck"
*An article on how to show a portfolio properly at a conference in the SCBWI Bulletin
*Guest blog post, "Moon Cakes and Myths from the Far East" at Enchanted Conversation, November 2011
*Ladybug - April 2012 issue: "Spring Awakening" (reprint)

To contact me, please post a comment or email me at teresarobeson (at) gmail (dot) com.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You are SO talented, Teresa!

Tifany xo

Teresa Robeson said...

Tifany, you're too kind; it's really not much to speak of. :) xo

Carrie Garvin said...

Okay Teresa- I seriously didn't know you were "so" published. WOW what an accomplishment.

Teresa Robeson said...

Carrie, thank you! It was exciting, but I need to get back to the publication game. It's been too long. :}

Kathy H said...

Impressive Teresa! I bow down to you. :-D

Maria Cisneros Toth Blog said...

Teresa~okay...somebody pick me up off the floor! Seriously, you are so talented, I'm totally blown away! Did you do your own art for your children's stories in Ladybug?