Here's a sampling of some of the soaps I made, with or without the kids.

Patriotic soaps:
LEGO soaps (the real one is on the left in case you hadn't noticed) :
Skull and Crossbones soaps, for the inner pirate in all of us who needs a bath:
Sushi soaps, with soapy "pickled ginger" and "wasabi":
Jig-saw puzzle soaps - easiest puzzle ever:
Dove soap, the *real* soap:
Monkey see, monkey soap:
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Epicure68 said...

Monkey soap to go with monkey handtowels?

Teresa Robeson said...

Epi, LOL! For sure!

Maria Cisneros Toth Blog said...

Teresa~I love, love your blog! You are uber talented, girl! Especially like the lego & puzzle soaps. :-)